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Is Whey Protein Gluten Free?

An intolerance to gluten is one of the most common dietary complaints these days and effects far more people that you might ever have imagined. In part, due to increased nutritional awareness, more people are familiar with the link between their digestive issues and an intolerance to gluten. While gluten is found just about everywhere […]

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Is Whey Protein Vegan? Protein Powder Options for Vegans

As people are becoming more accustomed to different lifestyles, more and more find themselves leaning towards veganism. Unfortunately, switching to this kind of diet means that there will be restrictions as to what one can and cannot eat. There are some who rely on organic, vegan-friendly food options to meet their daily nutrition requirements, while […]

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What Is Impact Whey Protein?

When it comes to fueling your body before and after sports or other physical activities, whey protein is one of the most important supplements out there. The simple fact is that your body requires protein to recover from muscle fatigue or injury. So, whether you run, walk, play football and hockey, or do any kind of […]

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